10 Things every English Teacher should want to achieve

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Ask yourself, what do you want personally from your lessons and your life as an English teacher?

  1. Knowing that your lessons are excellent and that you can generate a fantastic fun learning environment every time?
  2. Seeing your students rapidly gain in confidence, fluency and accuracy?
  3. A great response from your students who say they love your lessons and they can’t wait until your next class? “See you tomorrow!”
  4. A noticeable rise in attendance?
    Students will tell their friends about your class, that they should also come along, what a great time they’ve been having and how they have improved.
  5. Stress free teaching with minimal planning?
  6. Positive feedback from staff, especially management?
  7. Mail and messages from students thanking and telling you how much they enjoyed your classes and that they were successful in their tests or at work?
  8. A pay rise and permanent contract?
  9. More support from management when you want something done, either in the classroom or with legalities such as visas and expert’s certificate?
  10. Being part of a growing network of teachers and schools abroad?

If your answer is ‘yes’ and your primary aim is delivering English speaking in any shape or form then look no further. Here you will find 66 two hour lesson plans for spoken English guaranteeing 80% Student Talk Time and a really fun atmosphere.

I love going to work!

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