Five KInds of Teacher (2 of 3)

02 - Five Types of Teacher

Teacher that will find this material useful fall loosely into the following categories:

Professionals/EFL Teachers

Already established teachers who may be looking to freshen up or add to their existing material. If your career is in education then keeping your lessons from becoming stale is an essential day to day element. I frequently come across great teachers but after encountering the one year wall, they suddenly find teaching English repetitious, considering going back to their home countries.

As a teacher, you have to stay ahead of the game and be continually searching for new ideas and approaches, especially if you are attached to the same students for any length of time. The activities here are guaranteed to jump start anyone’s spoken English lessons back to life with an accompanying bonus of feeling energized once again.

New teachers coming to China

This includes people who have no teaching experience and just want to leave their old life behind. Often you will be thrown in at the deep end and find yourself suddenly teaching with little of no form of induction. Luckily once you have taught your first class you will realise what an incredibly nice job you have just started and how brilliant your students are. Use these plans to help you settle in and bring you confidence to your new start. This of course means you will have time to go out and about and explore your new environment; you’ve come all this way to China after all.

Professionals/IELTS and TOEFL teachers

Many find themselves scratching their heads as to what they should be doing of they have to teach spoken English classes. Most are trained to deliver highly structured classes which are 90% teacher talk time with students taking notes. They may rely heavily in PPT, video and CDs with a heavy use of mountains of recommended text books.


People who are backpacking and may be invited to do some teaching while they are on the road. If you are touring China then teaching is an ideal way to get closer to this unique culture. Not only will you find out more about the education system, you may well be invited out to dinner, evenings out or even activities to areas of interest that most tourists won’t see. Having been pencilled in to teach, it may be difficult planning from a hotel room or dormitory so in this respect these plans are ideal.

Foreign students who are studying in China

Many English speaking students also want to work part time to supplement their allowance. Most don’t have time to prepare properly for class while they are immersed in writing a dissertation, so in this respect these plans are important time savers.


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