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Confidence - Fluency - Accuracy

Aims & Objectives

Smart English Conversation Questions & Activities China primary aim is in encouraging the growth in confidence with the learner’s spoken English. Most Chinese students who attend speaking classes will never have tried having a conversation in English before. Those who learn from models will also lack confidence to move into spontaneous dialogue between two or more people. If a student has to attend an IELTS or TOEFL test, lacking confidence may mean the difference between a 6 and a 6.5. Professionals normally feel deeply embarrassed if they have difficulty communicating with English-speaking clients. For many, conversing with confidence is more of a concern than sharpening their knowledge of business English.

Of course from confidence comes fluency and growth. From this comes a huge sense of achievement. From a sense of achievement it is far easier to correct mistakes, aiming for accuracy in grammar and pronunciation. With such an approach, learning becomes a pleasurable experience rather than a burden.

The package is tailor-made for Chinese students and is a culmination of my twenty-two years of experience in the education system and teaching in the PRC since 2005.

Aside from a teacher’s book, most classes in China require the use of a student version. With these lesson plans no student book is needed, just a pen and notebook. I have been teaching spoken English classes in China for years and never once referred to any text-book.  The only resource has been my own set of lesson plans that you will find here on this site. For service providers a student version is in the pipeline (see ‘future projects’).

These are lesson plans with a sense of humour. Games are replaced with role play and ‘power activities’ which are fun while still concentrating on practicing key points covered in class. There is a topic specifically about games and some included in the quick fire activities section but generally they are not included here. The package considers the class as a whole and that many adults, particularly professionals, feel uncomfortable playing games. The replacement activities are a strong means of intensive practice while having fun at the same time.


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