Sample Lesson Plan: T20 Eating Out

09 - Sample Lesson Plan - Eating Out copyFeel free to copy and paste or print off this lesson plan.
There are also some worksheets which come with the plans that can be found under ‘sample printable material’.
The lesson plan has been taken directly from the book so some references won’t apply such as appendices and other topics.

A full guide on how to use the material is provided in the text book. A preview of this can be found by opening the e-book version on Amazon under ‘Have a look’.

T20: Eating Out works alongside T18: Food and T19: Cooking which are also lots of fun.

Sample Printable Material

These worksheets are designed to go with the main lesson plan.

Other printable material in the book comes in the form of roleplay, worksheets, prompt-sheets and information that the students can take home after class.

You can also get the Book of Pdf Printables that comes with the main text book. This has every printout necessary following each topic.

Please download from the pdf or jpg links below


Eating Out 01

Eating Out 02

Eating Out 03

Eating Out – Printables 01

Eating Out – Printables 02

Eating Out – Printables 03

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