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_MG_8071aBA (Hons), PGCE, CELTA, teaching since 1990

Born in the UK, Andy Smart has been a qualified teacher since obtaining his PGCE at the University of Brighton in 1990 and has been involved in education ever since. In England he taught at secondary school level for many years and was also strongly connected to work with SEN students including those with severe learning difficulties. This focused on integrating them into mainstream classroom activities in order to achieve their GCSE’s and ‘A’ levels. Later, this commitment led to the establishment of a new day centre and an accompanying curriculum for people with autism. Moving to management in further education, his primary role was in finding placements to meet SEN students’ individual requirements aswell as setting up and running various outreach projects.

From there Andy’s involvement shifted to supporting EBD students who had been excluded from school. His work aimed at guiding young people back onto a pathway, safe from the negative influences of modern society. During this period, his team successfully created a specialised centre for their students’ education, fostering the skills needed to survive in the outside world.

In 2005 Andy relocated to China where he began teaching English to adults in the city of Guilin, Guanxi Autonomous Region. From there he moved to South Korea working in Seoul, teaching young people at academies and also giving private tuition to teenagers in their homes. Returning to China in 2007 he started work in Beijing creating a strong network throughout the city. Since then he has been primarily involved in teaching his spoken English lessons, delivering lectures and training.

In many ways this book is a culmination of years of practice in the classroom. Drawing from a diverse background in education and extensive practice during his time in Asia, Andy has been able to develop a successful learning package aimed at people who want to improve their oral English skills. This is a strong and effective system that promotes fluency, confidence and accuracy, building a platform where the learner comes away with a high level of self achievement. Students therefore start to perceive English in a different manner, instead regarding it as a natural part of their daily life rather than a separate entity that is an ongoing struggle

TEFL: Beijing, China

September 2007 – 2016

Teaching spoken English classes of between 10 to 30 adults.
Travelling across Beijing to teach at a number of different offices.
Assisting in various management roles.

Delivering various business English packages.

Delivering demos and lectures.

TEFL: Beijing, China

September 2007 – February 2008

Travelling to various companies and delivering various business English packages to professionals.

Teaching 1:1 classes to professionals on the school premises.
Attending regular teachers meetings.

TEFL: Seoul, South Korea

September 2006 – July 2007

English Teacher for all age ranges at various academies throughout the city.

Private tuition to students in people’s homes.

TEFL: Guilin, Guanxi, China

February 2006 – July 2006

Teaching English to a wide range of abilities and age groups.
Conducting interactive online classes and discussion forums.
Giving regular presentations to the school on a wide variety of subjects.
Running informal practice classes.
Participating in and supervising off site activities.

EBD: Bristol, UK

May 2005 – July 2005

Teaching children with varying EBD problems Art and basic skills English
Assisting with off-site school activities.
Coordinating with team members concerning timetable.

EBD: Bristol, UK

August 2003 – February 2005

Teaching young people with varying EBD problems: English, maths, art and CDT metalwork including welding and fabricating.
Producing the timetable for the education team; to ensure the young people received a balanced education that met their individual needs.
Liaising with unit leaders, support staff, therapists, social services and parents to ensure that the young people receive a good service.
Coordinating support staff as part of each lesson.
Coordinating logistics to do with transport to and from each lesson.
Covering shifts when staff were absent.

SEN Management: Bristol, UK

January 2002 – December 2002

Managing up to 30 support staff for students with varying learning difficulties.
Doing regular assessments of the students needs and ensuring that they had the correct level of support
Ensuring that students needs were met with equipment and the relevant facilities were kept to the required standards
Providing and monitoring students transport to and fro college.
Liaising with tutors, parents and various educational specialists.
Working closely with various community based projects for people with learning difficulties throughout Bristol.

SEN Management: Bristol, UK

October 1998 – September 2001

Managing up to 40 staff (supervising work, running staff training, organizing shifts, chairing staff meetings, recruiting & interviewing).
Managing and caring for 30 service users (arranging day care opportunities, ensuring access to local facilities and colleges, checking and reviewing students’ medication).
Liaising with parents, social workers, G.Ps, psychologists and education professionals on a regular basis).
Organizing and chairing residents IPP and placement reviews.

Secondary Education: Bath & Bristol, UK

October 1996 – March 1998

Supply Teaching: Delivering different subjects at various locations. Some long term contracts.

Secondary Education: Chichester, UK

March 1991 – August 1993

Teacher of Art and Design, Design Technology and CDT

Engineering: Leicester, UK

September 1989 – 1990

Coded sheet metal welder and fabricator in MAGS, TAGS and ARC.


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