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Kick-Ass Lesson Plans: The paperback version of the Smart English Package. Comes in a ‘Complete Version’ or as ‘Parts 1,2 & 3’ (Click here to go to Amazon.uk) Ideal for backpackers who want to earn some extra money to keep… Read More ›

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For a clearer look at teacher’s feedback, instead of the jpgs, click on the link here: Amazon Reviews pdf file One of the best thinks about doing this is knowing someone ishttps://smartenglishcn.files.wordpress.com/2015/11/amazon-reviews.pdf using my lesson plans in their class and… Read More ›

Confidence > Fluency > Accuracy

Aims & Objectives Smart English Conversation Questions & Activities China primary aim is in encouraging the growth in confidence with the learner’s spoken English. Most Chinese students who attend speaking classes will never have tried having a conversation in English… Read More ›

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Teacher that will find this material useful fall loosely into the following categories: Professionals/EFL Teachers Already established teachers who may be looking to freshen up or add to their existing material. If your career is in education then keeping your… Read More ›